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PTFE Filter Bag(Teflon) - PTFE Filter Bag(Teflon)

Quality PTFE Filter Bag(Teflon) manufacture by COX Filter Bag with Competitive Price.

COX PTFE filter bags use 100% Teflon material manufacture which filter media can offer excellent combination of filtration efficiency and near zero emissions.
Teflon filter bag can bear fantabulous chemical stability at different working conditions, needle ptfe fabric and teflon filter bag most application in the area of chemical industries, waste incinerator, and high temperature liquid filtration as the following reasons:
Needle PTFE fabric is the unique no aging filter media in kinds of filter material we known. PTFE filter bag widely use in aggressive environments. Low chemical background makes PTFE filter fabric bag is the ideal filter media for sampling low concentration contaminants.
PTFE fabric bags are strong and completely resistant to acids, bases, all solvents and hardly combustible than nomex, pet, pps, polyester and fiberglass, etc.

Material 100%PTFE(Teflon) Fiber
Basic Weight (g/m2) 900
Thickness (mm) 1.6
Air permeability (m3 /m2*min) 15
Tensile Strength Warp 1000
Weft 1200
Elongation (%) Warp <30
Weft <35
Burst Strength (Mpa/min) 2.5
Continues Working Temperature ≤240 
Instant Working Temperature 260 ( ℃ )
Finishing Treatmen heat set

PTFE filter bag

Detail specifications PTFE filter bag PTFE filter bag-COX Filter Cloth Manufacture

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  1. Clom says:

    Your 750g Virgin PTFE filter bags working on our filter well until now.Frankly speaking we afraid the bags quality begining,but now we satisfied products quality and your serive.TKS and we will do more business each other.

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