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DF Filter Bag - DF Filter Bag

Quality DF Filter Bag manufacture by COX Filter Bag with Competitive Price.

COX don’t production 3M brands product, ONLY offer replacement 3M DF Filter Bags.
COX’s replace 3M DF filter bag/cartridge is a proven economical way to most conventional bag filters. DF filter cartridge/bag is a true graded porosity media structure that provides more filtration area compared to a standard filter bag, it can offer 4 times more working life.

COX’s DF series filter bag use 2 cylinders filter media bonded to a top plate and a lower seal plate. When fluid enters the top of the DF filter bag through flow channels in the top plate, it flows between the inner and outer filter media cylinders. Then it passes through the media and support basket and into the clean chamber of the filter housing. Compared to stanard felt filter bags, COX’s DF filter bags provide up to 4 times service life, enhanced flow per filter and reduced operation cost with lower filter change-outs.

Original Part Number Original Style No. Original UPC Filteration Rate Length Filter Material Cap Material
70020038678 DFG001EE2C 00016145082672  1 Micron  27.8 in. Polyester Polyester
70020038686 DFG001EE2R 00016145082689  1 Micron  27.8 in. Polyester Polyester
70020038769 DFG005EE2C 00016145082764  5 Micron  27.8 in. Polyester Polyester
70020038777 DFG005EE2R 00016145082771  5 Micron  27.8 in. Polyester Polyester
70020038819 DFG005EP2R 00016145082818  5 Micron  27.8 in. Polyester PP
70020038835 DFG010EE2C 00016145082832  10 Micron  27.8 in. Polyester Polyester
70020038868 DFG010EP2R 00016145082863  10 Micron  27.8 in. Polyester PP
70020038884 DFG025EE1R 00016145082887  25 Micron  14.3 in. Polyester Polyester
70020038892 DFG025EE2C 00016145082894  25 Micron  32 in. Polyester Polyester
70020038900 DFG025EE2R 00016145082900  25 Micron  27.8 in. Polyester Polyester
70020038967 DFG050EE2R 00016145082962  50 Micron  27.8 in. Polyester Polyester
70020039007 DFG100EE1R 00016145083006  100 Micron  14.3 in. Polyester Polyester
70020039015 DFG100EE2C 00016145083013  100 Micron  27.8 in. Polyester Polyester
70020039023 DFG100EE2R 00016145083020  100 Micron  27.8 in. Polyester Polyester
70020039049 DFG100EP1R 00016145083044  100 Micron  14.3 in. Polyester PP
70020039064 DFG200EE2C 00016145083068  200 Micron  27.8 in. Polyester Polyester
70020108166 DFG10EE2R 00016145101984  10 Micron  27.8 in. Polyester Polyester
70020108174 DFG050EE2C 00016145101991  50 Micron  27.8 in. Polyester Polyester
70020112515 DFG005EE1R 00016145104060  5 Micron  14.3 in. Polyester Polyester
70020112523 DFG025EP2R 00016145104077  25 Micron  27.8 in. Polyester PP
70020112549 DFG200EE2R 00016145104121  100 Micron  14.3 in. Polyester Polyester
70020112572 DFG200EE2R 00016145104121  200 Micron  27.8 in. Polyester Polyester

Maximum Operating Temperature 82° C (polypropylene) , 149° C (Polyester)

COX’s DF filter bag is an advanced alternative to the use of standard bag filters. DF Filter bag have more than 60% increase filter surface area than common type.
DF Filter Cartridge can fitting standard bag filter housings.
Reduced change-outs minimize labor, disposal costs, and operator exposure.
Cartridge design reduces filter medium rupture, contaminant by-pass and unloading
Simplifies filter installation, removal and disposal

COX’s DF Filter Bag Features:
DF Filter Bags have more filtration surface area, more contaminant holding capacity
DF Filter Bag have longer service life – > 4 times than commone micron filter bags.
DF Filter Cartridge special design have superior flow characteristics,can reduced operator cost.
DF Filter Bag have higher pressures before change-out.

DF Filter Bag can widely used for following industry:
Beer/Wine filtration
Food & Beverage
Industrial waters
Process Water
Water Treatment
3M is a famouse brand, COX don’t production 3M brands product, ONLY offer replacement 3M DF Filter Bags.

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