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DF Filter Cartridge - DF Filter Cartridge

Quality DF Filter Cartridge manufacture by COX Filter Bag with Competitive Price.

COX does not manufacture 3M brand products and only provides replacement 3M DF Filter Bags.

The DF Filter Cartridge is an essential part of many filtration systems. Because of its design and composition, it is capable of removing impurities from fluids such as water, oils, and chemicals. The DF in DF Filter Cartridge stands for Depth Filtration, a process that ensures high-quality filtrate while extending the filter media’s lifespan. In this post, we’ll go over the features and benefits of the DF Filter Cartridge in greater detail.
COX’s 3M DF filter bag/cartridge replacement is a tried and true cost-effective alternative to most conventional bag filters. The DF filter cartridge/bag is a true graded porosity media structure that offers more filtration area than a standard filter bag and up to four times the working life.

The DF Filter Cartridge is constructed of multiple layers of filter media with varying micron ratings. The filters’ design allows for greater filter media density throughout the cartridge’s depth. As a result, the cartridge is capable of trapping more debris and particulate matter than traditional surface filtration. This improved filtration increases the efficiency of the DF Filter Cartridge, resulting in cleaner fluids and longer filter media lifetimes.

Another benefit of the DF Filter Cartridge is its design, which allows for easier maintenance. Because the DF Filter Cartridge contains more filter media, impurities accumulate more slowly. When the filter becomes clogged, it is simple to dispose of it and replace it with a new one. The depth design allows the user to see when it is time to replace the DF Filter Cartridge.

Original Part Number Original Style No. Original UPC Filteration Rate Length Filter Material Cap Material
70020003359 DFG001PP1R 00016145069178  1 Micron  14.3 in. PP PP
70020003367 DFG001PP2R 00016145069185  1 Micron  27.8 in. PP PP
70020003375 DFG005PP1C 00016145069192  5 Micron  14.3 in. PP PP
70020003383 DFG005PP1R 00016145069208  5 Micron  14.3 in. PP PP
70020003391 DFG005PP2C 00016145069215  5 Micron  27.8 in. PP PP
70020003409 DFG005PP2R 00016145069222  5 Micron  27.8 in. PP PP
70020003417 DFG010PP1C 00016145069239  10 Micron  14.3 in. PP PP
70020003425 DFG010PP1R 00016145069246  10 Micron  14.3 in. PP PP
70020003433 DFG010PP2C 00016145069253  10 Micron  27.8 in. PP PP
70020003441 DFG010PP2R 00016145069260  10 Micron  27.8 in. PP PP
70020003458 DFG025PP1C 00016145069277  25 Micron  14.3 in. PP PP
70020003466 DFG025PP1R 00016145069284  25 Micron  14.3 in. PP PP
70020003474 DFG025PP2C 00016145069291  25 Micron  27.8 in. PP PP
70020003482 DFG050PP1C 00016145069307  50 Micron  14.3 in. PP PP
70020003490 DFG050PP1R 00016145069314  50 Micron  14.3 in. PP PP
70020003508 DFG050PP2C 00016145069321  50 Micron  27.8 in. PP PP
70020003516 DFG100PP1C 00016145069338  100 Micron  14.3 in. PP PP
70020003524 DFG100PP1R 00016145069345  100 Micron  14.3 in. PP PP
70020003532 DFG100PP2C 00016145069352  100 Micron  27.8 in. PP PP
70020003540 DFG100PP2R 00016145069369  100 Micron  27.8 in. PP PP
70020038751 DFG001PP2C 00016145082757  1 Micron  27.8 in. PP PP
70020038934 DFG025PP2R 00016145082931  25 Micron  27.8 in. PP PP
70020038991 DFG050PP2R 00016145082993  50 Micron  27.8 in. PP PP

Food and beverage production, chemical processing, and water treatment plants are just a few of the potential applications for DF Filter Cartridge. In the food and beverage industries, the DF Filter Cartridge is used to remove unwanted impurities and contaminants such as particles, bacteria, and viruses. The DF Filter Cartridge protects expensive chemical processing equipment by ensuring that it runs with clean fluids. Finally, water treatment plants treat wastewater or surface water sources with DF Filter Cartridge to make them safe for human consumption.

The DF Filter Cartridge comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, it is easy to replace existing filters or incorporate them into existing systems. One of the most significant benefits of the DF Filter Cartridge is its low price.

DF Filter Cartridge is capable of handling a wide range of fluids, including oils, water, and chemicals. Because of its depth filtration design, it can remove particles as small as 0.5 microns, making it useful against a wide range of contaminants. Several regulatory agencies and standards around the world have tested and certified the DF Filter Cartridge.

DF Filter Cartridge generates less waste than traditional filters, resulting in a lower environmental impact. Furthermore, the materials used to create the filter media are recyclable, preventing them from ending up in landfills.
COX does not manufacture 3M brand products and only provides 3M DF Filter Bags as replacements.

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