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PO10P2S-Aquarium Filter Sock - PO10P2S-Aquarium Filter Sock

Quality PO10P2S-Aquarium Filter Sock manufacture by COX Filter Bag with Competitive Price.

PO10P2S,Aquarium Filter Sock

Aquarium PE Filter Sleeve -  PO10P2S    

Data Sheet PO10P2S  PO10P2S

Filter Bag Item: : PO10P2S
Minimum Quantity: 25
Aquarium PE Filter Bag Size: Aquarium PE Filter Bag Size 2 (7×32)
Material: Polypropylene Felt
Micron Rating: 10
Filter Bag Neck Style: Metal Ring
Filter Bag Neck Material: Steel


This non-woven material is our popular workhorse. Polypropylene offers excellent chemical resistance. Its cost effectiveness makes it ideal for applications up to 200 F. PO10P2S PO10P2SSS PO10P2SSSA PO10P2SSSAC PO10P2SSSAH PO10P2SAC PO10P2SAH PO-10-P2S-SS PO-10-P2S-SS-A PO-10-P2S-SS-A-C PO-10-P2S-SS-A-H PO-10-P2S-A-C PO-10-P2S-A-H POIF10P2S POIF10P2SSS POIF10P2SSSA POIF10P2SSSAC POIF10P2SSSAH POIF10P2SAC POIF10P2SAH POIF-10-P2S-SS POIF-10-P2S-SS-A POIF-10-P2S-SS-A-C POIF-10-P2S-SS-A-H POIF-10-P2S-A-C POIF-10-P2S-A-H BPOIF10P2S BPOIF10P2SSS BPOIF10P2SSSA BPOIF10P2SSSAC BPOIF10P2SSSAH BPOIF10P2SAC BPOIF10P2SAH BPOIF-10-P2S-SS BPOIF-10-P2S-SS-A BPOIF-10-P2S-SS-A-C BPOIF-10-P2S-SS-A-H BPOIF-10-P2S-A-C BPOIF-10-P2S-A-H P010P2S P010P2SSS P010P2SSSA P010P2SSSAC P010P2SSSAH P010P2SAC P010P2SAH P0-10-P2S-SS P0-10-P2S-SS-A P0-10-P2S-SS-A-C P0-10-P2S-SS-A-H P0-10-P2S-A-C P0-10-P2S-A-H P0IF10P2S P0IF10P2SSS P0IF10P2SSSA P0IF10P2SSSAC P0IF10P2SSSAH P0IF10P2SAC P0IF10P2SAH P0IF-10-P2S-SS P0IF-10-P2S-SS-A P0IF-10-P2S-SS-A-C P0IF-10-P2S-SS-A-H P0IF-10-P2S-A-C P0IF-10-P2S-A-H BP0IF10P2S BP0IF10P2SSS BP0IF10P2SSSA BP0IF10P2SSSAC BP0IF10P2SSSAH BP0IF10P2SAC BP0IF10P2SAH BP0IF-10-P2S-SS BP0IF-10-P2S-SS-A BP0IF-10-P2S-SS-A-C BP0IF-10-P2S-SS-A-H BP0IF-10-P2S-A-C BP0IF-10-P2S-A-H

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PO10P2S-Aquarium PE Filter Sock

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