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PO100P3P-Aquarium Filter Sock

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PO100P3P-Aquarium Filter Sock manufacture by COX Filter Cloth who is a leading manufacturer of Filter Bag, Filter Fabric, Filter Cloth in China.

PO100P3P,Aquarium Filter Sock

Aquarium PE Filter Sleeve -  PO100P3P    

Data Sheet PO100P3P  PO100P3P

Filter Bag Item: : PO100P3P
Minimum Quantity: 25
Aquarium PE Filter Bag Size: Aquarium PE Filter Bag Size 3 (4×7)
Material: Polypropylene Felt
Micron Rating: 100
Filter Bag Neck Style: Plastic Ring
Filter Bag Neck Material: Polypropylene


This non-woven material is our popular workhorse. Polypropylene offers excellent chemical resistance. Its cost effectiveness makes it ideal for applications up to 200 F. PO100P3P PO-100-P3P PO100P3PWE PO-100-P3P-WE PO100P3PS PO-100-P3P-S PO100P3PA PO-100-P3P-A POIF100P3P POIF-100-P3P POIF100P3PWE POIF-100-P3P-WE POIF100P3PS POIF-100-P3P-S POIF100P3PA POIF-100-P3P-A BPOIF100P3P BPOIF-100-P3P BPOIF100P3PWE BPOIF-100-P3P-WE BPOIF100P3PS BPOIF-100-P3P-S BPOIF100P3PA BPOIF-100-P3P-A P0100P3P P0-100-P3P P0100P3PWE P0-100-P3P-WE P0100P3PS P0-100-P3P-S P0100P3PA P0-100-P3P-A P0IF100P3P P0IF-100-P3P P0IF100P3PWE P0IF-100-P3P-WE P0IF100P3PS P0IF-100-P3P-S P0IF100P3PA P0IF-100-P3P-A BP0IF100P3P BP0IF-100-P3P BP0IF100P3PWE BP0IF-100-P3P-WE BP0IF100P3PS BP0IF-100-P3P-S BP0IF100P3PA BP0IF-100-P3P-A

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PO100P3P-Aquarium PE Filter Sock

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