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NMO25P1S-Nylon Filter Bag Supplier - NMO25P1S-Nylon Filter Bag Supplier

Quality NMO25P1S-Nylon Filter Bag Supplier manufacture by COX Filter Bag with Competitive Price.

NMO25P1S-Nylon Filter Bag Supplier


Data Sheet NMO25P1S  NMO25P1S

Filter Bag Item: : NMO25P1S
Minimum Quantity: 25
Filter Bag Size: Filter Bag Size 1 (7×14)
Material: Nylon Filter Mesh
Micron Rating: 25
Filter Bag Neck Style: Metal Ring
Filter Bag Neck Material: Steel

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Precisely woven to ensure accurate filtration (absolute rated bags), this monofilament mesh withstands temperatures up to 325 F. NMO25P1S NMO25P1SSS NMO25P1SSSA NMO25P1SSSAC NMO25P1SSSAH NMO25P1SAC NMO25P1SAH NMO-25-P1S-SS NMO-25-P1S-SS-A NMO-25-P1S-SS-A-C NMO-25-P1S-SS-A-H NMO-25-P1S-A-C NMO-25-P1S-A-H BNMO25P1S BNMO25P1SSS BNMO25P1SSSA BNMO25P1SSSAC BNMO25P1SSSAH BNMO25P1SAC BNMO25P1SAH BNMO-25-P1S-SS BNMO-25-P1S-SS-A BNMO-25-P1S-SS-A-C BNMO-25-P1S-SS-A-H BNMO-25-P1S-A-C BNMO-25-P1S-A-H NM025P1S NM025P1SSS NM025P1SSSA NM025P1SSSAC NM025P1SSSAH NM025P1SAC NM025P1SAH NM0-25-P1S-SS NM0-25-P1S-SS-A NM0-25-P1S-SS-A-C NM0-25-P1S-SS-A-H NM0-25-P1S-A-C NM0-25-P1S-A-H BNM025P1S BNM025P1SSS BNM025P1SSSA BNM025P1SSSAC BNM025P1SSSAH BNM025P1SAC BNM025P1SAH BNM0-25-P1S-SS BNM0-25-P1S-SS-A BNM0-25-P1S-SS-A-C BNM0-25-P1S-SS-A-H BNM0-25-P1S-A-C BNM0-25-P1S-A-H BNMO25P1SWE BNMO25P1S

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NMO25P1S-Liquid Nylon Filter Bag Manufacturer and Exporter

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