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300micron PP Felt Filter Bag - 300micron PP Felt Filter Bag

300micron PP Felt Filter Bag, China 300micron PP Felt Filter Bag, Quality 300micron PP Felt Filter Bag manufacture by COX Filter Bag.

300 micron Polypropylene(PP) Felt Filter Bags


300 micron Polypropylene(PP) Felt Filter Bags, with sizes of 1# 7*17", 2# 7*32", 3# 4*9", 4# 4*15", 5# 6*22" and other sizes , both welded and sewn(stitched) bag are available,are specially used for liquid filtration, solid-liquid separation.

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300 micron  Polypropylene(PP) Felt Filter Bags

Data Sheet manufacturer/factory/supplier of 300 micron  Polypropylene(PP) Felt Filter Bags    manufacturer/factory/supplier of 300 micron  Polypropylene(PP) Felt Filter Bags

300 micron (µm) Polypropylene(PP) Felt Filter Bags
1. Data
Size: 1# 7*17”, 2# 7*32”, 3# 4*9”, 4# 4*15”, 5# 6*22”, other sizes can be custom made.
Micro rating: 300 micron (µm)
Filter Bag structure:
Bag body types: stitched, welded
Bag top types: plastic ring top, metal ring top, raw top, drawstring top
Bag bottom types: arc shape bottom, “V” shape bottom
Free Samples are available with freight cost covered by buyer or freight cost collection.

2. Features
-High grade polypropylene felt from 300 micron (µm)
-Easy to replace.
-Manufacturer of 300 micron (µm) Polypropylene (PP) Felt Filter Bag
3. Applications
As one kind of liquid filtration bags, 300 (µm) polypropylene(PP) felt filter bags are widely used in electronics, semiconductor, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, beverages, paints, paper industry, automobile manufacturing, inks, resins, water treatment and other fields.

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300 micron Polypropylene(PP) Felt Filter Bags

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