Manufacture Polyester/PP/Nylon Filter Bag,0.1,0.5,1,5,10,25,50,100,150,200 micron PP/Nylon/PE Filter Bag Fabric,PE/Nylon Filter Mesh Cloth.

Filtro Bag filtro de tecido

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Filtro de Mangas fabricação Fabric Filtrar por COX pano de filtro que é um fabricante líder de Filtro Bag, Tela do filtro, Filter Cloth in China.

Gostaríamos muito de ouvir de você!
COX Filtro de materiais tem vindo a dedicar-se a oferecer bolsa de filtro qualificado, Tela do filtro, com um serviço confiável e preço competitivo para atender às demandas de seu. If you need any other additional information or would like to comment on our products, nossa empresa ou qualquer outra coisa entre em contato conosco.
telefone: 0086-632-529-0-925 Segunda-feira – Sexta-feira nove horas - cinco horas.
O email us at for the normal information and for products inquiry, we will get back to you by the following business day.

Filtro de Mangas líquido:
tipo de agulha(0.5, 1, 5 , 10, 25, 50, 100, 150, 200mícron):
PP Filter Bag Polyester Filter Bag Nomex Filter Bag
tipo weave:(30(nylon)50, 80, 100, 150, 200, 500mícron)
Poliéster Bolsas Filtrantes Saco de filtro de nylon

Telas de filtro de feltro da agulha: Tela do filtro de PP Tela do filtro de poliéster Tela do filtro PPS
Tela do filtro de Nomex Tela do filtro PTFE P84 Tela do filtro Fibra de vidro Filtro Tecido
Most fabric can do anti static and water repellent, membrana de PTFE e outro tratamento de acabamento de acordo com o requisito.

Sacos de filtro de pó: Saco de filtro de Nomex Saco de filtro de fibra de vidro Saco de filtro de poliéster Saco de filtro de PP
P84 Saco de filtro Saco de filtro PTFE

Filtro de mangas tipo de filtro Etiquetas Tecido :

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  1. อ้อ says

    Thanks for your support about our project, excellent quality polyester filter bag and pp filter bags. Hope we will have more cooperation future.

  2. Ivan says

    Tks offer quality polyester filter bag and liquid filter fabric to us. Our local market give good feedback.

  3. Nghia says

    Wonderful liquid pp filter bags and nylon filter bags, it received in good condition. Pls help to quote me the bag filter (cloth), using for chemical solvent, size 25um and 50um, in square meter unit. It must have material anti-static certification. Thank you, Nghia

  4. رامین says

    Good liquid micron pp filter bags and pe filter bags, it appliction our milk filter well. Thanks.

  5. herigny says

    Great quality about 30µ et 50µ pp and PES filter bags. Hope have a good cooperation soon.

  6. lidan says

    Good nomex filter bags and fiberglss filter fabic. It arrivle in good condition. Thanks for your support.

  7. ปร says

    Your polyester dust filter bags is filter smoke is well. This is the company needed to cooperation.

  8. พลยะเรศ says

    Good liquid pp filter bags and pa filter bags. If your polyester filter bag can meet your customers requirement, we will order it soon.

  9. ธัญ says

    Fiberglss filter bags receive with many thanks.It will install our filter soon. Thanks for your support.

  10. พ says

    Nomex Filter Bags and polyester filter bags are great.TKS

  11. Sunkel says


  12. สุวิท says

    Liquid pp filter bag and polyester filter bags are good condition in our filters. We will order some liquid filer bag which can used in our oil filters this time.

  13. LLUIS says

    Liquid Polyester filter bags and pp filter bags are in good condition on our filters. Hope order more this time. TKS for your support Ally

  14. YUCEL says

    Thanks for you nylon filter fabric and polyester filter bags this time. Your nomex filter bags still working now. Good quality and excellent serive.

  15. Steve Olson says

    Your 10micron pp fitler bag and 100 micron polyester fitler bags received in good conditon. Tks

  16. Mikhail says

    We order Polyester fitler bags, homopolymer acrylic filter fabric and PPS filter bags this time.
    Ally cargo is received with good condition. Thanks for your support from your side Eric.

  17. พลวิชัย says

    10 Micron PP filter bags, 50um liquid filter bags, 200micron nylon filter bags arrivle the port this week. Hope everything is well and we will order more if the quality OK.

  18. محمد says

    Your polyester filter bag and pa filter bag are great quality. COX Filter Cloth is the company who make you happy cooperation with you.

  19. วรีรัตน์ says

    Quality polyester filter bag, liquid pp filter bags and pa filter bag received with many thanks. Good company need to cooperation.

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