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PTFE membrane filter bag - PTFE membrane filter bag

Quality PTFE membrane filter bag manufacture by COX Filter Bag with Competitive Price.

Needle filter fabric choose normal nonwoven needle punch workmanship, after heat set and other finish treatment, then
we make the ptfe membrane in the surface of the filter fabrics which can enhance the fabric material have chemical stability performance. After teflon membrane treatment will fit the ability of smooth surface, water oil repelled, easy cake release, improve the filter efficiency, never block, save energy, prolong the using life.
Needle filter fabrics with PTFE membrane widely used for dust collector, fume removal for many industries. Needle felt filter bag with a good air permeability, after ptfe membrane and heat setting treatment, the fabrics and filter bags will keep a smooth surface, free from deformation, easy cake release.

Polyester(PET) filter fabric

PET Anti static filter fabric


PTFE membrane filter bag-COX Filter Cloth Manufacture

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    Glad coopeation with COX FILTER CLOTH. Good service.

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    Great pe filter bags, glad cooperation wtih COX

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    Great teflon filter bags and pp filter bags. Good service, glad cooperation with your company.

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    Perfect Polyester filter bag and pp filter bags. Good service.

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    Antistatic pe filter bag and liquid pp filter bags in good condition for such long times. GREAT QUALITY

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