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PPS Filter Fabric(Ryton)

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PPS Filter Fabric(Ryton) manufacture by COX Filter Cloth who is a leading manufacturer of Filter Bag, Filtru textil, Filtru pânză în China.

PPS filtru textil made by 100% ryton fiber which with special trefoiled shape. COX needle PPS fabric cloth made of quality fibers, is ideal for filtration of gases mixed with content of sulfur and moisture.
PPS filtru textil is common filter material which able to bear the high temperature.PPS filter fabric and filter bags can bear chemistry naturing inherently and keep good filtration performance among the awful environment, reach ideal service filter life. PPS filter fabric and filter bags is the ideal filter media which can widely use in coal boiler, rubbish incinerator, power plant of fly ash filtering of pulse clear dust catcher.
The general working temperature of ryton filter fabric and ryton filter bags below 190 ℃ under flue gas conditions, at the same time the bag can only resistance temperature below 130 ℃, such as pet(poliester), pp(polipropilenă), acril, nylon and other chemical filter fabric and filter bag.
AC PPS filtru sac textil mainly used in steel, metalurgie, cement plant, nonferrous metal, bitumen, firepower Electricity generation, rubbish incinerator, coke, fireproof materials and other coal powered Fields for dust removal.

MaterialPPS Bag(ac simțit țesături)
Greutatea de bază (g/m2)500
Grosime (mm)1.8
permeabilitate la aer (m 3 /m 2 /mă)>15
Forța de tracțiuneUrzeală>1250
Elongație (%)Urzeală≤40
Forța de Burst (Mpa / min)2.55
Continuă temperatura de lucru190 ( )
Temperatura de lucru a instala220 (  )
Tratament de finisareSemnat,calandrare, termofixare

PPS(Ryton) filter bag

Detaliu specificaţii PPS(Ryton) filter fabric cloth PPS(Ryton) filter fabric cloth Manufacture

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