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PTFE Filter Bag

PTFE Filter Bag Sock

1-15micron PTFE(teflone) Filter Bags Socks NMO-20P5-SS ★ NMO-1-P2-P ★ NMO-100P4SS ★ NMO-5-P1-S ★ NMO50P6S ★ NMO200P2SS ★ NMO75P5P ★ NMO-1P2-S ★ NMO-20-P1-S ★ NMO-50-P6-SS ★ SIIC 1-15micron PTFE(teflone) Filter Bags Socks, in sizes of 1# 7*17”(180*430mm), 2# 7*32”(180*810mm), 3# 4*9”(102*230mm), 4# 4*15”(102*420mm), 5# 6*22”(152*559mm) and other sizes, are high temperature resistant liquid filtration bags with […]

Filter Bags

Filter bags are mainly manufacture by kinds of woven fabric and needle felt filter fabric. You may contact COX Filter Cloth for detail information as the Polyester(PET,PE,PES), PP, PA woven fabric. As the needle felt filter fabrics, you will get the details by click the left material. Filter bag allowed to drain and dry over time […]

Dust Filter Bag Fabric

COX Filter Cloth know that it can be a discourage task to select the right filter bag fabric/ bag filter fabrics for your industrial baghouse used.  Whatever you want to improved filter performance, faster deliveries, a "quick quote", or have a question about how you can maximize effectiveness of your existing filter bags, we can […]

Floor Covering Fabric

COX has grown into a large-scale non-woven fabric enterprise with needle-punched non-woven fabric advanced production lines and laminated non-woven fabric. COX Filter Cloth can offer kinds of non-woven fabric postprocessing equipment like rolling machines, thermal shrinking machines, quilting machines, and imported industrial sewing machines to do postprocessing operations like fixed-length rolling, shrink film packaging, quilting, […]

PTFE Filter Bag(Teflon)

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Filter Media Selection

COX Filter Bag Fabric one of leading manufacture of qualified needle filter fabric including dust filter fabric and micron filter fabric(polyester,Polypropylene), filter bags(dust filter bag, liquid filter bag) , water filter bag(polyester filter bag, pp filter bag, pa liquid filter bag), filter cage, and other accessories with best service and competitive price to meet the demands of […]


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