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P84 Filter Fabric - P84 Filter Fabric

Quality P84 Filter Fabric manufacture by COX Filter Bag with Competitive Price.

We use high quality p84 fiber produced the needle p84 filter fabric  and filter bag which can bear high temperature. It havs the following features:
P84 filter bag can bear high temperature resistance, it's working temperature can reach 260℃.
P84 filter fabric have excellent chemical resistance decades of years of incineration house practice has proved the value of P84 bags, especially for acid gas and alkali dust filtration and collection.
P84 filter bag efficiency of low back wash pressure and high elasticity mud cake release
Needle p84 filter fabric must stored in dry well ventilated place, and should not be long-term exposure in the sunlight.

Material Polyimide Fiber / P84 Scrim
Basic Weight (g/m2) 500
Thickness (mm) 2.3
Air permeability (m3 /m2*min) 15
Tensile Strength Warp 700
Weft 1200

P84 Filter Fabric

Detail specification of P84 Filter bag: P84 Filter Fabric P84 Filter Fabrics-COX Filter Cloth

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