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Nomex Filter Fabric

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Nomex Filter Fabric manufacture by COX Filter Cloth who is a leading manufacturer of Filter Bag, Filter Fabric, Filter Cloth in China.

COX Filter Cloth selects Nomex fiber and the equipments to produce Nomex high temperature resistant needle punched filter bag fabric.
To sew the Nomex filter bag, it must use the special sewing thread which need have higher temperature capability. NOMEX sewing thread must has high intension, good wear resistance and high temperature resistant up to above 260℃
Nomex filter fabric and filter bags are used for slot insulation. The slot wedges are made o high electrical conductivity material and thus act as damper windings. At their ends the slot wedges are short circuited through the rotor body.

Nomex Filter Fabric
 Filter bag Material
100% nomex
100% nomex
Air permeability (L/dm2*min)

Nomex Filter Fabric

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  1. Aym says

    Nomex filter bags fit our filters well. PP and polyester filter bags still used in our filter. It meet our customer requirement exactly.

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