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Antistatic Filter Fabric(Poka) - Antistatic Filter Fabric(Bag)

Quality Antistatic Filter Fabric(Poka) manufacture by COX Filter Bag with Competitive Price.

COX Filter Cloth mainly researches and manufacturer filter fabrics and filter bags, dust filter products and other comprehensive environmental protection products as dust collector bags and garbage treatment.
When common industrial powder dust approach a certain density in the air, such as flour dust, industrial powder dust, coal dust etc, it can easily lead to fire even explosion if there is static-charge flame or spark. In those field of bag dust collection, if dust need filter or collecting, the filter media used for dust filter bags should be static proof.
As the needs of blast furnaces, cement plants and other professions for pulverized coal collection, our company has manufacturer and produced antistatic filter fabric and cloth by assimilating overseas technology.
In order to producing antistatic filter fabric and filter bag needs the technology of mixing anti static fiber yarn to thread of base cloth used for manufacture punched felt fabric or mixing conductive fiber or conducive material to chemical fiber. We can produce both types of antistatic filter cloth.

Efni Polyester(PET)
Þyngd (g/m2) 500
Þykkt (mm) 1.8
Air permeability (m3/m2/min) 15
Breaking strength (N/5×20cm) undið ≥1000
ívafi ≥1100
Lenging (%) undið ≤35
ívafi ≤40
Constant temperature (℃) 130
Instant temperature (℃) 150
Finishing treatment Singed, calendering,


Antistatic Polyester filter bag-Polyester filter fabric

Detail specifications Polyester sía poka Antistatic Polyester filter bag-COX Filter Cloth Manufacture

Antistatic Filter Fabric(Poka)

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  1. ymeed segir:

    Dust filter bag and micron filter bag arrival the port today. We can get it next week.Tks

  2. Stanislav Podškubka segir:

    Our customer pleased your quality polyester filter bag and micron pp filter bag.

  3. Prarp segir:

    Great polyester filter bag and good service.Hope can order more pes filter fabric and liquid filter bag this time.

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    Polyester filter bags and liquid filter bag are arrive our port this morning. We will pick it later.

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