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Water & oil proof Fabric - Water & oil proof Fabric

Quality Water & oil proof Fabric manufacture by COX Filter Bag with Competitive Price.

The gas which need filter maybe includes damp, hygroscopic and deliquescent powders in the filter bag running. Such environment will make the dust removal more difficult, even under the high temperature, it will directly affect the normal work by dewfall. Ordinary felt fabric has to adapt the special treatment to improve the working efficiency.
Bag sìoltachain need add the waterproof or oilproof finish treatment on the surface of filter fabric, Considering this. COX Filter Cloth manufacture the polyester(pet) felt fabric, polypropylene(pp) filter fabric felt, anti-static filter felts, and aramid fabrics with the active fluoride. Every kinds of needle filter felt fabric has obtained the ideal water repellent and oil repellent effect.
After water and oil repellent finish treatment, not only the result achieves the national standard, but also the filter material original appearances are all well kept, the needle filter felt fabric also form the molecular barrier around the fiber, which may prevent water and dirt attaching and leaking.
Compared with the common filter media, waterproof or oilproof filter fabrics and filter bags have the character; moreover, it also has the anti-cohesiveness and easiness for cake peeling off. This product is widely use for the places where moist and rainy.

Model Stuth Breaking strength(N/5×20cm) Thickness Weight (g/m2) Air permeability
warp weft


Pet filter fabric 1000 1200 1.8(mm) 500 >10(m3/m2.min)
Pe Pe antistatic fabric 1000 1200 1.8(mm) 500 >10(m3/m2.min)


Aramid filter fabric 800 1000 1.8(mm) 769



Ryton filter fabric 1200 1300 1.8(mm) 500 >15(m3/m2.min)

Needle fiberglass waterproof and oilproof filter fabric also available.

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