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Filter Cloth - Filter Cloth

Quality Filter Cloth manufacture by COX Filter Bag with Competitive Price.

Filter cloth are extensively used with the liquid propulsion systems, oil and fuel systems where enhanced dirt removal and flow capabilities are crucial.Filter cloth are available in different material and size.
Filter cloth are made from different material including pet, pp, Mar sin féin,, ar, poileistear, etc, which ensure long life in different working environment. Filter press cloth is available in twill and plain weave and are made available according to the customer's specification.
Filter Cloth:   PP Filter Press Cloth    Poileistir(PET) Filter Press Cloth     Níolón(PA) Filter Press Cloth

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5 responses toFilter Cloth

  1. Mulb says:

    Good filter cloth, good service.Glad cooperation.

  2. Nick says:

    Hello Ally,hope everything is well with you. We receive the micron polyester filter fabric and bags in good condition. All bags and fabrics are in excellent quality last time, we have good feedback from our customers. Hope those micron bag and fabric have great quality like last time..

  3. Jef says:

    Quality 50micron polyester filter bag and 100micron pp filter bag we received. We will give more feedback after use it.

  4. Trsx says:

    The carton of liquid polyester filter bag have a litter broken, hope it can improve next time. The quality is OK.

  5. cbnaqbbmjx says:

    Receive your PP filter cloth in good condition. Quality pp filter bags, we have great feedback from our customers. Tks

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