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Filter Fabric Roll

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Filter Fabric Roll manufacture by COX Filter Cloth who is a leading manufacturer of Filter Bag, Filter Fabric, Filter Cloth in China.
Needle felt filter fabric rolls are passed into the machine through belt conveyer system. COX Filter Cloth's needle felt filter fabric roll ready for packing is pushed from belt conveyer for wrapping by a pneumatically operated plate. Needle felt filter fabric roll are analyzed through a discrete continuum model. The needle felt filter fabric roll are passed into the machine through belt conveyer system. 
The width wise sealing and cutting of the needle felt filter fabric roll is done by the vertical movement of top sealing bar which completes the warping of polythene on the needle felt filter fabric roll and also performs width sealing of the polythene sheet.
Needle felt filter fabric rolls gets wrapped by polythene sheet in the process and is ready for width wise sealing. The fabric elastic properties are assumed to be linear and anisotropic. Only the static case is considered, wherein dynamic effects in roll making are neglected. 
Needle felt filter fabric rolls are handmade of pure sisal with fine workmanship. Environmental protection cause made by origin natural sisal fabric. The color and the size we can do it as customers requirements, any ideal you have, please feel free to contact us.

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