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Dust Filter Fabric

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Dust Filter Fabric manufacture by COX Filter Cloth who is a leading manufacturer of Filter Bag, Filter Fabric, Filter Cloth in China.

The main function of the filter fabric is to hold the engineered soil in place and still prevent small media particles, such as plant debris and fines, from entering and clogging the drainage layer below. COX select the quality filter material to made kinds of filter fabric to meet your demand.

Nomex(aramid), polyester(pe), pps(polyimide), fiberglass, polypropylene ptfe, p84, etc is common material used in dust filter bags. Dust Filter Fabrics are available in various fabric weights and treatments such as singed, glazed, PTFE, anti-static, fire-retardant, oleophobic, acid resistant and more.
Needle Felt Filter Fabrics:   PP Filter Fabric             PE Filter Fabric           Nomex Filter Fabric          Acrylic Filter Fabric

High-temperature Resistant Needle Filter Media Fabric:
PTFE Filter Fabric            P84 Filter Fabric              Fiberglass Fabric Filter               PPS Filter Fabric

Function Finish Treatment:
Antistatic Filter Fabric         PTFE membrane Filter Fabric            Waterproof & oilproof Filter Fabric

PTFE membrane bags are designed to double bag life, lower energy costs, reduce wear on other parts of the collector, reduce plant down time, and save maintenance costs to help keep your dust collector and your plant performing at its peak.

Bag construction available for snap band top, A-hanger, raw edge, grommet, cord, loop, strap, disc bottom, disc w/ wearstrip, flange, hem, sewn flat, envelope, compression cap, OEM sharp also welcomed.

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  1. Qecek says

    Great quality Polyester filter fabric, our customers give excellent feedback of the polyester filter bag we make by your fabrics. Tks Aaron

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    Polyester filter bag and micron pp filter bag are in good condition after use 3month until now.Thanks for your support Eric.

  3. Ton says

    Polyester filter bag and liquid filter bag is best sell here, most customer give excellent quality.Thanks

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    Quality polyester and nomex fabric receive here. Micron polyester filter bag and PP filter bags is good feedback from our customers.

  5. salman says

    من دنبال پارچه دستگاه فیلتر پرس هستم

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  7. Niina Kovalenko says

    micron pp filter bag and pes filter bags are in good condition. Thanks for your quick delivery to meet our customer requirement.

  8. krasimir hristiamiv says

    Dust polyester and nomex filter bags receive with many thanks. Cooperation with your company many tims.

  9. bob says

    Good service. Qulaity bags.

  10. Excer says

    Good company need to cooperation. Great quality.

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