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Dust Filter

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Dust Filter manufacture by COX Filter Cloth who is a leading manufacturer of Filter Bag, Filter Fabric, Filter Cloth in China.

The main function of the filter fabric is to hold the engineered soil in place and still prevent small media particles, such as plant debris and fines, from entering and clogging the drainage layer below. COX select the quality filter material to made kinds of filter fabric to meet your demand. Such as nomex(aramid), polyester(pe), pps(polyimide), ptfe, p84, etc.
Most used Needle Filter Fabrics dust filter fabric are:   PP Filter Fabric      Polyester Filter Fabric     PPS Filter Fabric
Nomex Filter Fabric    PTFE Filter Fabric   P84 Filter Fabric   Fiberglass Fabric Filter

Needle Function Filter Media:
Antistatic Filter Fabric  Waterproof – oilproof Filter Fabric  PTFE Membrane Filter Fabric

Dust filter bags are mainly manufacture by needle filter fabric. Please refer to the following keywords for the details.
Filter bag are firmly fasten into a recess at the top of the overflow rim, supply a 360 degree positive compression seal. Since the filter bag is locked in at the top of the cell plate, all of the dirt is catch inside the filter bag.
Filter bag are widely used as the filter media in applications of gas filteration. They are produced of fabrics, needle felts in different fineness according to your filteration process. We can provide custom bags to meet your specific requirements. Our product lines mainly include : felt filter bag and mesh filter bag.
Nomex Filter Bag    Fiberglass Filter Bag      Polyester Filter Bag      PP Filter Bag    PTFE Filter Bag
Polyimide Filter Bag  
Polyester Waterproof – oilproof Filter Bags  PTFE Membrane Filter Bag

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