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Liquid Filter

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Liquid Filter manufacture by COX Filter Cloth who is a leading manufacturer of Filter Bag, Filter Fabric, Filter Cloth in China.

Liquid bag filtration is the convenience and economy used for for filtration applications.
COX Filter Cloth manufacture liquid filter bags, micron filter fabric and industrial filtration products in China. COX Filter Cloth offers liquid filter bags for a wide range of industry. The COX companies strives to apply the filtration products over 8 years of partnership with of our customers, along with the innovation we’ve become known for, to manufacture classic, top quality, micron filter bags, filter fabrics.
We stand by our quality, and our prices are very competitive.
Call us for a quote @ 86-632-5290925 or email and we will get back to you within 24 hours. Here is your Filtration Solution Specialist!

Standard Filter Bag

– Includes a carbon steel ring collar that is designed to gasket as well as support and secure the filter bag when placed into the bag housing.
PP(0.5~300micron), Polyester(0.5~300micron), Nylon(30~300micron) material bags available.

Commercial Style Bags

– Designed with a high yield stainless steel snap band collar into commercial style housing.
PP(0.5~300micron), Polyester(0.5~300micron), Nylon(30~300micron) material bags available.

Plastic Collar Filter Bag

Plastic collar was engineered to meet the following requirements:
– Molded plastic with built-in handle makes installation and disposal faster, cleaner, and less expensive
– 100% Incinerable
– Smooth plastic designs prevent build-up of contaminants around header
– Collar is sewn into place to ensure that plastic and media remain firmly intact throughout filter life
PP(0.5~200micron), Polyester(0.5~200micron) material bags available.

Welded Filter Bags

Welded Bags are designed to meet the following requirements:
– No Needle Holes
– No Thread Contamination
– Precision bonded cutting of the fabric edges
– Maintain same efficiency as filter media
PP(0.5~200micron), Polyester(0.5~200micron) material bags available.

Weave Mesh Filter Sleeves

– Mesh sleeves for liquid filter.
Polyester(50~300micron), Nylon(30~300micron) material bags available.

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  1. Phowl says

    Does P1S, P2S, P3S, P4S liquid Polyester and PP filter bag in stock?
    As one dust filter bag suppliers, what about delivery time of dust collector filter bag(nomex filter bag 500pc) and filter bag cages(500pc)?
    Can you offer more filter material and filter cloth to us?

  2. SonRy says

    Polyester filter bag and liquid filter fabric are receive in good condition.Great service.

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    All customer feedback great quality of filter bag and filter fabric.We will order polyester filter bag and micron filter fabric soon.

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    High quality polyester filter bags you offer to our customer.Good service.

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    Glad receive your quality polyester filter fabric and micron filter bags.Great quality and good service.

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