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Antistatic Filter Bag

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Antistatic Filter Bag manufacture by COX Filter Cloth who is a leading manufacturer of Filter Bag, Filter Fabric, Filter Cloth in China.

The property indexes of our antistatic felt filter bag(filter fabric).

Our antistatic filter media is basic to safely anti static build up. This antistatic filter fabric and bag material can prevent flash ignition.

This new PET antistatic filter fabric is a conductive antistatic fiber sheathed polyester fiber, which can be punched with other fibers to reduce the electrical resistivity of the resultant material. Non-woven conductive and epitropic filter media are designed to safely dispel the buildup of static electricity while providing excellent air flow. 

COX Polyester non-woven filter fabric material manufacture by combining pe layers on a needle punch loom utilizing barbed needles to interlock the fibers. Recommended continuous operation temperature is not to exceed 130 ℃.

Normally, 1 percent of antistatic fiber prevents discomfort from static in everyday clothing and carpets; below 5 percent antistatic fiber is necessary for fitler fabrics for industrial filter fabric and safety work wear. With the new safety and environmental code in some cases your company will be forced to switch from your standard filter media. This would prevent spark ignition and would greatly reduce the risk of fire.

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