Valmistus polyesteri / PP / -nylonsuodattimen Bag★Nylon -suodatinverkko,Nut Pond Pool Filter Bag, Ohut vedenpoistosuodatinpussi.

Micron Polyester Filter Bag-PES10P1DS - Micron Polyester Filter Bag-PES10P1DS

Micron Polyester Filter Bag-PES10P1DS, China Micron Polyester Filter Bag-PES10P1DS, Quality Micron Polyester Filter Bag-PES10P1DS manufacture by COX Filter Bag.

Micron Polyester Filter Bag-PES10P1DS

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Koko #1, 10 Mikroni – Polyester Liquid Filter Bag w/Draw String (PE10P1DS)

COX Filter Bag Fabric Micron Polyester Filter bags filtration rate available 0.3, 0.5, 1, 5,10, 25, 50, 100, 200, 300mikroni, designed to withstand higher solid loading, and are suitable for applications using vessel or open filtration systems. Neste polyesteri(PE) Micron filter bags widely used in chemical, ruoka, viini, öljy, paperi, filsh, dewater, anode, liimat, paints and many other industries.

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Koko #1, 10 Mikroni - Polyester Felt Liquid Filter Bag w/Draw String (PE10P1DS)

Tekniset tiedot Koko #1, 10 Mikroni - Polyester Felt Liquid Filter Bag w/Draw String (PE10P1DS) Koko #1, 10 Mikroni - Polyester Felt Liquid Filter Bag w/Draw String (PE10P1DS)

About Standard Felt Liquid Filter Bags

COX Filter Bag Benefits

  • Micron arvosanat 1 to 200
  • All industry standard & custom sizes available
  • Laaja kemiallinen yhteensopivuus
  • High flow/low pressure drop
  • Sewn or fully-welded construction
  • Choice of steel ring or plastic flange
  • Temperature ratings to 200°F (PO), 275°F (PE ), 425°F (HT) and 500°F (Teflon®)

Felt Bag Materials
Constructed using 100% synthetic fibers in polypropylene, polyesteri, Nomex® and Teflon®. The proper combination of fiber diameters, weights and thicknesses result in an economical depth filter media. To reduce fiber migration, Polypropylene bags are treated with a glazed finish, while Polyester and Nomex® bags are singed.

  • Polypropylene and Polyester materials meet FDA regulations for food contact under CFR21, Section 177.1520
  • Silicone-free construction
  • Suuri lianpitokyky
  • Ability to remove both solid and gelatinous particles
  • Low cost
  • Glazed/singed finish on Polypropylene & Polyester reduces fiber-shedding

Felt Bag Styles
Steel-ring bags have a galvanized steel ring (stainless steel optional) sewn into the top of the bag. They are supplied with sewn seams standard. Plastic flange bags have a specially-designed flange sewn to the top of the bag. They are supplied with sewn seams standard (fully-welded seams available upon request).

Welded Construction
Fully-welded bags are available in polypropylene and polyester felt for #1, #2, #3, #4 ja #5 plastic flanges.

  • No needle holes, thus increasing efficiencies by preventing by-pass
  • Elimination of threads further reduces possibility of fiber-shedding

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Micron Polyester Filter Bag-PES10P1DS

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