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NMO35P4P-Nylon Filter Mesh Sock

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NMO35P4P-Nylon Filter Mesh Sock manufacture by COX Filter Cloth who is a leading manufacturer of Filter Bag, Filter Fabric, Filter Cloth i Kina.

NMO35P4P,Nylon Filter Mesh Sock

Nylon filter Sleeve -  NMO35P4P    

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Filter Bag Vare: : NMO35P4P
Minimum Mængde: 25
Filter Bag Size: Filter Bag Size 4 (4×12)
Materiale: Nylon Filter Mesh
micron Rating: 35
Filter Bag Neck Style: Plastic Ring
Filter Bag Neck Materiale: Polypropylen

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Netop vævet for at sikre præcis filtrering (absolutte bedømte poser), denne monofilamentnetmateriale modstår temperaturer op til 325 F.NMO35P4P NMO-35-P4P NMO35P4PS NMO-35-P4P-S NMO35P4PA NMO-35-P4P-A BNMO35P4P BNMO-35-P4P BNMO35P4PS BNMO-35-P4P-S BNMO35P4PA BNMO-35-P4P-A NM035P4P NM0-35 -P4P NM035P4PS NM0-35-P4P-S NM035P4PA NM0-35-P4P-A BNM035P4P BNM0-35-P4P BNM035P4PS BNM0-35-P4P-S BNM035P4PA BNM0-35-P4P-A BNMO35P4PWE BNMO35P4P

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NMO35P4P-nylonfilter Sock Sleeve Mesh

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