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Nylon Filter Mesh

COX Filter Sak Stof & Gt; 50 Mikron PA Filter Sak > Nylon Filter Mesh - Nylon Filter Mesh
Nylon Filter Mesh manufacture by COX Filter Cloth who is a leading manufacturer of Filter Bag, Filter Stof, Filter Cloth in China.

COX Filter Cloth manufacture nylon screen mesh(pa screen mesh fabric rolls, kinds filtration rate bags with full filtration rate) which is used extensively in all types of filtration and screen printing.

Nylon filter doek

Nylon Filter Mesh

Nylon is a synthetic material which is the most used in liquid filter material in the market today.
All meshes are precision woven for use in the sieving and screening of a wide range of products. can has a working temperature up to 90 degrees C.
Nylon Filter Mesh is made of monofilament PA yarn at plain weave, which is ideal for straining, sieving or filtering most liquids, powders or sludges.
It is fair with acids & oxidising agents, good with alkalis, and excellent with solvents.

mediaBeskikbaar Micron Graderings

Mesh can be bought by the roll, or cut by the metre.

25micron Nylon Filter Bags(25mikron NMO stofzak)
30micron Nylon Filter Bags(30mikron NMO stofzak)
50micron Nylon Filter Bags(50mikron NMO stofzak)
100micron Nylon Filter Bags(100mikron NMO stofzak)
125micron Nylon Filter Bags(125mikron NMO stofzak)
150micron Nylon Filter Bags(150mikron NMO stofzak)
200micron Nylon Filter Bags(200mikron NMO stofzak)
300micron Nylon Filter Bags(300mikron NMO stofzak)
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