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Archive for March, 2023

POMF Filter Bag

POMF Filter Bags’ have much more filtration surface area and dirt loading capacity than standard type. POMF Microfiber Filter Bags have longer filter working service time, you do not need to be change bags as frequently, can saveing more labor cost and replacement filter bags’ cost.  Microfiber materials provide high efficiencies at low micron ratings. […]

Micron Filter Bags

Industrial bag filter from China NMO-200P6-SS ★ NMO125P4S ★ NMO-125P4-P ★ NMO50P2P ★ NMO-100-P4-S ★ NMO-75P4-P ★ NMO-25-P1-P ★ NMO-1P1-P ★ NMO125P1S ★ NMO-5P2-S ★ Industrial bag filter with micro rating from 1-300 micro, both welded and sewn or stitched bag are available.COX Filter Bag Fabric sales@filterbag.org pond pump Nylon filter sock ★1 micron Nylon […]

Printed filter bags

filter bags for Printed Circuit Board DI Water Line NMO25P2S ★ NMO100P1S ★ NMO-10-P6-P ★ NMO-75P2P ★ NMO50P2S ★ NMO-75P4-P ★ NMO-1-P3-SS ★ NMO-5-P6-SS ★ NMO1P2P ★ NMO-150P3-SS ★ SIIC-BPO05/10/25, SIIC-BPE05/10/25, 5-25 micron polyester(PE) and polypropylene(PP) felt filter bags are special for filtration of printed circuit board DI water line process. dewatering Nylon filter sleeves […]

Brine Filtration Filter Bag

Manufacturer/factory/supplier of Brine Filtration Filter Bags NMO-100P6-P ★ NMO200P3SS ★ NMO125P2P ★ NMO-1P6-P ★ NMO-75P4-P ★ NMO-50-P2-SS ★ NMO-20P2P ★ NMO-75P6-P ★ NMO1P3S ★ NMO-125-P2-SS ★ SIIC-BPO/PE05, 5 micron polyester(PE) and polypropylene(PP) felt filter bags are special for Brine Filtration. rectangular Nylon filter sleeve ★jet Nylon filter socks ★oil Nylon filter sleeveet ★industrial water Nylon […]

Fine Chemical Filter Bag

Manufacturer/factory of Filter Bags for Fine Chemical Filtration NMO-200-P3-P ★ NMO-20-P5-SS ★ NMO20P1P ★ NMO-10P5-P ★ NMO150P2P ★ NMO-5P4S ★ NMO-150P3-P ★ NMO-75P3SS ★ NMO-10P5S ★ NMO25P5SS ★ SIIC-BPO/PE01/05/10/25, 1-35 micron polyester(PE) and polypropylene(PP) felt filter bags are special for fine chemical filtration. bag Nylon filter manufacturers ★Nylon filter socks canada ★geotextile Nylon filter sleeve […]

Oil Absorbent Filter Bag

The Oil Absorbent Filter Bag is a necessary tool for removing oil from various liquids such as gasoline and diesel fuel. While oil has many applications, it can be harmful to the environment, especially when released into nearby waterways. In this regard, oil absorbing filter bags are useful for industries that deal with oil-laden liquids, […]

POXL Filter Bag

POXL: Extended Service Life Filter Bag. A great cost saving filter bag with unique needle felt fiber construction of doubling the pore space within but significantly increase the dirt holding capacity in filtration performance without affecting its initial pressure drop, it gives you a lifetime of up to 5 times more and resulting in filtration […]


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