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1 Micron Filter Bag

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1 Micron Filter Bag manufacture by COX Filter Cloth who is a leading manufacturer of Filter Bag, Filter Fabric, Filter Cloth in China.

1 micron liquid polyester(PE/PES) filter bag and PP filter bag can be used for filtering liquid. There are complete micron bags size here, these bags have a 7″ dia and are 16″ or 32″ long, 4″ dia and 8″ and 14″ long. OEM sizes also welcome.
Both stainless steel and plastic neck material avaialbe. COX Filter Cloth’s micron filter bags are double stitched for extra durability which can bear high liqid pressure.
Liquid micron filter bags mostly used in paper industries, food plant and removing undispersed solids. Micron Polypropylen/PET filter bags are for most liquid filtration processes including water filtration and biodiesel. 1 Micron Filter Bag can reach 99% efficient for some liquid.
Advantages of 1 micron liquid flter bags:
material: Polyester or PP Polyester Felt Filter Bag/Bag Filters;
finishe treatment: singed, calenared, heat set;
bag body making method: stitched or welded;
high solids holding capacity-solids are contained in bag for easy disposal;
capacity to remove gleatinus particles;
cost-effective filtration duo to long service life;
collar type :steel ring or plastic ring;

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