Manufacture Polyester/PP/Nylon Filter Bag,0.1,0.5,1,5,10,25,50,100,150,200 micron PP/Nylon/PE Filter Bag Fabric,PE/Nylon Filter Mesh Cloth.

Filter pëlhurë qese

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COX Filter Cloth specialize in manufacture and exporting 12~20oz dust filter fabric, 0.1~200micron felt type micron filter fabric and woven mesh filter fabric(25~2000micron)and full sizes dust and micron filter bag for industry dust remove, liquid filter and water treatment.
Our filter fabric and bag can replace most brand well:Eaton, Cuno, MAHLE, FSI(Filter Specialists), GAF, Red Baron, Micron, Parker, Ronningen-Petter, Hayward, Loeffler, Rosedale, 3M, Strainrite, Knight and other industry standard filter housings.
12oz,14oz,16oz,17.5oz,18oz,20oz,22oz polyester filter fabric, nomex filter fabric, fiberglass filter fabric, pps filter fabric. Full sizes dust filter and finish treatment can suit your different working condition.

Needle Felt Filter Fabrics:
PP Filter Fabric Polyester Filter Fabric Nomex Filter Fabric Acrylic Filter Fabric PTFE Filter Fabric P84 Filter Fabric Fiberglass Fabric Filter PPS Filter Fabric Antistatic Polyester Filter Fabric PTFE membrane Filter Fabric Waterproof & oilproof Filter Fabric
Felt type polyester and PP filter bag, woven PA(Nylon,NMO) and polyester mesh filter sock widly used for aquarium filter bag, SVO & WVO biodiesel filter sleeves, sediment filter bag, dewatering filter bag, vegetable oil filter bag. Stainless steel, carbon steel, plastic neck, string, material ready for selection.
Both needle and woven type liquid filter bag available in various sizes and in a wide variety of microns ranges. Standard size bags(4″x8″, 4″x14″, 7″x16″, and 7″x32″) are available to fit most filter bag housings on the market. Custom filter bags can also be tailor to customersspecifications. Filtration rate for felt type is 0.1~200micron, woven micron filter bag is 1~2500micron.

Felt Micron Polyester & PP çanta Filter

Filtration Felt is a low cost disposable media with depth-filtration qualities and high solids-loading capacity. Needle Micron Filter Sleeves are available in PES(Polyester) and Polypropylene(PP). Filtration Felts are available with a glazed or singed outer finish to minimize fiber migration from the filter surface. Both Welded Filter Bags and Sewn making type are available to fit the filters. Filtration rate available in 0.1, 0.5, 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 75, 100, and 200Micron.

Weave Nylon & Polyester Water Filter Socks

Nylon(PA/NMO), Polyester(PE/PES) and çelik i pandryshkshëm is the most widely used material. Monofilament Mesh is an extremely strong material with precise weaving to ensure consistent pore sizes. This type filter bags can reusable in many applications.
PA net strainer(Nylon/NMO filter sleeve) and liquid mesh Polyester filter socks have full mesh sizes for water treatment, paint strainer filter bags. It also best media for aquarium micron mesh filter. It have higher filter efficiency as pre filter bag than needle type micron filter bags. Sediment and dewatering filter bag most use as Pre-filter in Pond Water Filter Bag or Filtration Pump Socks(1 & 5 micron sediment filter bags), this type bagsmaterial selec PP/polyester monofilament or multifilament, nylon mesh cloth.
Stainless steel filter mesh widly used as oil filtration, bag filter and other chemical liquid filtration.

PE(PES/Polyester) Filter Bag filters available in 25, 30, 50, 75, 100, 150, 200, 300, 500 Micron.
NMO(Nylon/PA) filter bag filters available in 25, 30, 50, 75, 100, 150, 200, 300, 500,1000, 1500, 2000, 2500 Micron.
Stainsless Filter bags filtration rate available:5, 10, 25, 50, 75, 100, 200, 500Micron.

Najloni & Polyester Screen Mesh

Nylon monofilament screen mesh and monofilament polyester mesh cloth have widly filtration application, such as water fluid filtration media(nylon strainer bag) as filtration media, bags filtration, screen filtration, pool filter bag
also know widly used for printing screen(white/black/yellow mesh material for select).

We guarantee filter bags and filter fabrics are similar or the same as those in the international market. Based on ISO systems, and the system of the official quality control in China, we can guarantee that all the filter products are under the system of industrial safety and fit for industry consumption.
COX Filter Cloth manufactures a complete line of standard and custom Filter Bags for liquid filtration. Contact us to request additional information, submit product and technical requests, to locate a distributor, or with any questions.

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کیسه فیلتر p84فیلتر های پارچه ایbag filter p84P84 filter bag OR fabricتولید کنندگان فیلتر کیسه ایP84 filter fabricتولید پارچه های فیلتریپارچه های فیلترFiltrační a POLYAMIDové tkaninyکیسه فیلتر پارچه ایپارچه فیاترspecificatiopn of filter bag P84suodatinsäkkitorby z lata filtracyjnaworeczek filtracyjny z tkaniny p-84worek filtracyjny p-84 cenaความต้านทานผ้ากรอง ความดัน เค้กکیسه فیلتر چینپارچه کیسه فیلترشستشوي فيلتر كيسه ايفشار+پارچه فیلترفیلتر 84ضخامت پارچه فیلتر کیسه ایschlamm filter bagsaci filtru namolfiltro p84filtre torbalarının sıcaklık dayanımlarıfiltre saci namolfiltre sac namolfilterbag schlammfibra p84beständigkeit von p84 filterschläuchebag فیلترهاP-84 filter bagP-84 filter bag materialpermeabilitatea sacilor de filtrup84 textiliep84 polyimide filter cloth specp84 poliimidap84 filtration fabricp84 bagfilter materialP84 bag specificationp-84 filter clothbag quality p84