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PTFE(Teflon) Filter Fabric

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PTFE(Teflon) Filter Fabric manufacture by COX Filter Cloth who is a leading manufacturer of Filter Bag, Filter Fabric, Filter Cloth in China.

Needle ptfe filter fabric manufacture by virgin ptfe fiber as material. PTFE bag fabric can continuous working temp. is 240 ℃ and instant operating temp. can reach 260 ℃ it has smooth surface and chemical stability, long service life and waterproof, so ptfe filter fabric and filter bag main application in aggressive environments, such as in chemical, carbon black, iron and steel, non-ferrous metallurgy, coal-fired boiler factory and cement industries. The of PTFE is  and anti-chemistry. 
PTFE filter fabric is the ideal filter media for sampling low concentration contaminants as the reason has low chemical background makes. PTFE filter bag can widely used for the most vicious working conditions, with extremely long durability, usually life cycle more years.
1) Filter Fabric Material: PTFE fiber
2) Working temperature: 250 ℃ for long time, 280℃ for short time.
3) Standard weight : 900G/M2
4) Fabric filtration efficiency up to 99.99%
5) Filtering precision: 150~300L/M2/S.

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