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Fiberglass Filter Fabric

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Fiberglass Filter Fabric manufacture by COX Filter Cloth who is a leading manufacturer of Filter Bag, Filter Fabric, Filter Cloth in China.

Needle fiberglass filter fabric is a new type of filter media used for filter bags in high temperature condition. Needle glassfiber felt filter fabric is made of 100% glass fiber, The needled felt with three dimensional cellular construction, high hold rate, low air resistance, the efficiency exceeds fabric filter materials is superior than woven filter fabrics can up to 99.9%.
Fiberglass filter fabrics with high filter speed can reach morn than two times compare with other normal filter fabrics, needle fiberglass filter felt fabrics widely used in carbon industry, chemical industry, metallurgical industry, coal fired boiler, etc. Needle glassfiber felt filter fabric applicable to the pulse jet bag filter system, high temperature and corrosion resistance, with good performance for manage the industrial dust pollution, and recycle the valuable particles.
Fiberglass filter fabric and filter bags have high temperature resistance, high strength, excellent acid and alkali resistance, anti-corrosion, flexural, through different finish treatment in the surface and finishing technology, fiberglass filter fabrics and filter bag can get the easy for ash removal, oil and water proof, anti-static future.

نوعFiberglass Filter Fabric
Air permeability(m2m2/min)8~15
Tensile strength       (N/5×20cm)پیچ و تاب >1800
Weft  >1800
Tensile Elongation (%)پیچ و تاب <10
Weft&nbsp; <10
Broken strength(Mpa/min)3
Working temperature(℃)260~300

Fiberglass filter fabric

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Needle Fiberglass filter fabric

Needle fiberglass with other fiber fabric(FMS)

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